WHPA Company/Organization Membership Application

WHPA Membership is by the Company/Organization. Please complete the form below. You can register multiple participants at the time you submit this Company/Organization's application by selecting the Sub Member option upon hitting submit at the end of this application form.

If you are registering as an additional participant of a Company/Organization that has already been confirmed as a paid WHPA member, USE THIS FORM and select "Additional Participant" as your Membership Category. DO NOT use the "Individual User" form.

If you are registering for Associate Member (non-voting) status as an emeritus member from a prior organization, a media member, or a student member, use the "Individual User" form.


Account Access Information

Please create your account access information by clarifying your requested login name and password. NOTE: Your password must contain no spaces and must be a minimum of 8 characters including at least 1 number.

Contact Information

The following requested information is general in nature and is used primarily for communication purposes and understanding of your Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Refrigeration (HVACR) stakeholder perspective. Items designated with an asterisk (*) are required fields.

WHPA Involvement Information

The following requested information is specific to WHPA and helps clarify understanding of your reasons for involvement and preferred means of engagement. Items designated with an asterisk (*) are required fields.

WHPA Disclosure Policy Confirmation and Statement

Confirmation of the following is required for membership to ensure compliance with WHPA’s governing policies. Items designated with an asterisk (*) are required fields.

WHPA Membership

The following information clarifies which WHPA stakeholder dues category applies to your membership application. Since the member organization only pays once per year but can have multiple participants, the final application submission screen will show the affiliated dues amount but with "Pay Later" as the only dues’ payment option. Upon WHPA Staff's verification of your member organization’s dues status, an email will follow either clarying payment method options or notification that the membership dues have been received.
Members of the predecessor entity prior to WHPA’s incorporation as a California public benefit nonprofit corporation in March 2018 qualify to become founding members of Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc. (WHPA). Qualifying organizations that register and pay their dues by the end of the 2018 calendar year will be recognized in perpetuity in all WHPA publications and events as a “WHPA Founding Member” and will receive a special memento keepsake beyond the regular welcome package ornamentation.
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