July 19th 1-2pm (PDT) WHPA Codes & Standards (C&S) Committee Meeting

07/19/2019 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM PT


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Meeting Summary

Per the replacement Chair (Randy Young, SMW 104), the WHPA Codes & Standards (C&S) Committee is resuming the planned 3rd Friday of each month schedule on July 19, 2019. The meeting agenda includes an overview and discussion of the Committee Focus Survey results, initial deliverables decision, and finalization of the meeting frequency and schedule for deliverable development.

We look forward to receiving your meeting registration prior to the online event and to your joining us for the WHPA Codes & Standards Committee Meeting on Friday, July 19, 2019 from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm PDT. (Access information will be provided with your registration confirmation email.)

Advanced registration is required for this meeting, which has open participation for focused input on aligning industry needs to WHPA's C&S goal. However, to be accepted to the C&S roster for active participation in Committee activities as a voting member once the deliverable implementation plan has been finalized, participants must be registered WHPA members in good standing. If you are not already a member but want to be part of this Committee, join WHPA at: http://whpa-inc.org/member_join.html.

Questions? Contact WHPA Staff by email: registrations@whpa-inc.org or by phone: 951-244-6400.

General Meeting Protocol Reminders

  • Come to meetings prepared for discussion.
  • Adhere to the WHPA Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policies.
  • Disclose any potential conflicts of interest at the start of each meeting.
  • Identify yourself prior to speaking, clarifying the organization on whose behalf you are speaking, or if you are making a personal comment.
  • Mute yourself when not speaking. (*6 will take you on and off mute.)

WHPA Codes & Standards Committee Meeting Agenda for July 19, 2019 (expected)

1) Call to Order/Opening Comments – Chair (Randy Young, SMW104) – 5 min

  1. Introduction of Replacement Chair – WHPA Staff (Elsia Galawish)

2) C&S Committee Focus Survey Results – Chair (Randy Young, SMW104) – 25 min

  1. Overview of Received Responses
  2. Decision to Accept As Is or Resend for More Input

3) Initial Deliverables Decision – Chair (Randy Young, SMW104) – 25 min

  1. Historical WHPA Literature Review & Recommended Starting Enforcement Solutions Discussion Deliverable (for November 19th WHPA Annual In-Person Meeting)
  2. Other (based on survey results discussion)

4) Closing Comments and Next Steps – Chair (Randy Young, SMW104) – 5 min

  1. Meeting Frequency & Schedule
    1. Continued Monthly Recurring Schedule of 3rd Fridays from 1:00pm – 2:00pm Pacific Time?
    2. Increased Initial Frequency?

5) Adjournment by 2:00pm PDT – Chair (Randy Young, SMW104)

WHPA Codes & Standards Goal/Strategies

C&S GOAL: Work collaboratively with industry stakeholders and regulators to inform and influence adoption of proposed codes and standards changes relating to the HVACR industry.

STRATEGY 1: Provide stakeholder insight, perspective, and feedback on relevant guidelines, regulations, and legislation.

STRATEGY 2: Inform the CEC via the Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) process to develop and vet code change proposals as part of the T24 and T20 adoption process to draft Standards that are enforceable, not just cost effective.

STRATEGY 3: Work with the CEC to develop a process for combining all codes and standards references related to Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES) into a common database with appropriate cross referencing for access by stakeholders.

STRATEGY 4: Work with appropriate stakeholders to determine codes and standards compliance barriers and gaps and make recommendations.

STRATEGY 5: Work with regulators and stakeholders to understand and document the role of permitting and the needs of building departments.

STRATEGY 6: Provide peer exchange, input, and counsel on market transformation, environmental quality, and sustainability goals as they relate to Codes and Standards processes/activities.

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