June 25th WHPA Webinar “A Grid Survival Strategy for Energy Efficiency"-Speaker Carmen Best, Recurve

06/25/2019 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM PT


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This 90 minute WHPA educational webinar in support of WHPA’s Energy Efficiency & Demand Response and its Public Policy Goals focused on “A Grid Survival Strategy for Energy Efficiency”.

The energy world is rapidly changing, and energy efficiency is struggling to adapt as a viable resource. In this webinar, Carmen Best, Director of Policy & Emerging Markets at Recurve (formerly OpenEE)  reviewed a three point strategy for energy efficiency to demonstrate its value to the grid and scale to meet ambitious decarbonization goals.

Ms. Best  reviewed the three key enablers of meter-based quantification, performance-based accountability and procurement based finance to take efficiency to scale. Successful meter-based efficiency begins with transparent, repeatable quantification of changes in energy consumption and open source methods and code provide greater accessibility to actionable intelligence across the market. Performance-based accountability offer new ways to align incentives and improve flexibility in how to meet savings targets and decarbonization goals. With market driven delivery of efficiency, new pathways for large scale financing support expansion of energy efficiency. The presentation included examples of how meter-based quantification (policy and practices) and performance-based models for program design (P4P) are creating a critical pathway for transforming how distributed energy resources like energy efficiency can be procured and financed.

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Thank you to those who registered prior to the online event and to those who joined this educational webinar on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 from 12:00pm – 1:30pm PDT.
(NOTE: This webinar was originally scheduled for June 11th, but due to circumstances beyond our control, the date needed to be adjusted.)

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Carmen Best

Director of Policy & Emerging Markets

(Formerly OpenEE)

Carmen is supporting the growth of meter and performance based energy efficiency across the country through Recurve. 

Prior to joining Recurve, Carmen spent several years at the California Public Utilities Commission. While there, she brought the findings and insights from evaluation to statewide energy policy through demand forecasting, integrated resource planning and overall improvements in the deployment of energy efficiency.  Her work continues in these areas but from an exciting new vantage point.

Recurve connects the dots between efficiency, electrification, renewable energy, and distributed energy resources to enable demand flexibility as a market-based procurable resource. Carmen has supported Recurve in the creation of transparent methods and open-source software to revolutionizes the way energy efficiency is measured, deployed and procured.

The Recurve Platform provides leading utilities, regulators, and aggregators with a secure, scalable, SaaS solution that enables markets for demand flexibility as a resource.

WHPA Energy Efficiency (EE) & Demand Response (DR) Goal/Strategies

EE&DR GOAL: Advance energy efficiency and demand response objectives and accomplishments in the state of CA, with a focus on environmental quality to transform the market.

STRATEGY 1: Provide counsel to and take input from utilities, EE/DR program designers, implementers, regulators and evaluators for the purpose of curbing waste and transforming the market.

STRATEGY 2: Propose plans to advance statewide, regional, and potentially national HVACR efficiency program and demand response approaches without discouraging or stifling locally-targeted product or process innovation.

STRATEGY 3: Continuously review and provide feedback on the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs being administered in support of HVACR energy efficiency.

STRATEGY 4: Provide peer exchange, input and counsel on market transformation, environmental quality and sustainability goals as it relates to EE/DR activities.

WHPA Public Policy (PP) Goal/Strategies

PP GOAL: Increase the capacity of WHPA to educate on and impact Energy Efficiency (EE) & Demand Response (DR) policy changes with key regulatory bodies.

STRATEGY 1: Provide an environment that enables all participating stakeholders to receive benefits from engagement.

STRATEGY 2: Provide stakeholder insight, perspective, and feedback on relevant guidelines, regulations, and legislation.

STRATEGY 3: Support the creation and/or updates of California statewide HVAC energy efficiency strategy development.


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